Established in 1986, the NCCR is the companion advocacy organization of the National Coalition for Cancer Research.

The NCCR is a coalition that is comprised of 18 national cancer organizations. Our membership includes more than 85,000 cancer researchers, nurses and physicians, more than 90 cancer centers and specialized research institutions, and more than 2 million cancer patients, survivors and their families.

The NCCR is a 501(c)(4) coalition whose mission is to educate public policy makers, legislators and their staff about the impact of specific legislative initiatives on cancer research. Specifically, the NCCR advocates on behalf of legislation that will enhance and expand basic, translational and clinical research, and ensure that the infrastructure and reimbursement mechanisms are in place to support the translation of research from the laboratory to the bedside. The NCCR supports these goals in the broadest terms, emphasizing national priorities essential to progress in cancer research, education, treatment, early detection and prevention.

The NCCR serves as a voice for cancer researchers, cancer patients and their families, cancer survivors, caregivers, oncologists, oncology nurses, and others who are involved in advancing cancer research. We seek bipartisan solutions on public policy issues that impact cancer research and their applications to quality cancer care.

The NCCR is dedicated to the eradication of cancer through a vigorous public and privately-supported research effort. The NCCR is based on our strong belief that Research Cures Cancer.