About Us

The National Coalition for Cancer Research is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit coalition of cancer research, cancer care and lay groups and foundations representing cancer survivors, children with cancer and their families, cancer researchers, nurses and physicians, and cancer hospitals, centers, clinics and specialized research institutions. Established in 1986, the National Coalition for Cancer Research directs its efforts at making widely known the value of cancer research and the major contributions the National Cancer Program has made to the basic biomedical sciences and related fields, patient care and the reduction of cancer incidence, morbidity and death and cancer survivorship.

These efforts include educating the American public concerning the need to strengthen the National Cancer Program. The Coalition educates its membership and lawmakers on trends in federal funding for cancer research, focuses the -attention of the American public on the need to make cancer research a national priority, mobilizes cancer survivors and their families to participate in such efforts, and communicates the advances made in cancer research to the public. The National Coalition for Cancer Research supports these goals in their broadest terms, emphasizing national priorities essential to progress in cancer research, treatment, early detection and prevention.

The National Coalition for Cancer Research is dedicated to the eradication of cancer through a vigorous public and privately-supported research effort.  The National Coalition for Cancer Research is based on our strong belief that Research Cures Cancer.