Briefing on the economic benefits of cancer research

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On May 13, 2011 the National Coalition for Cancer Research conducted a “Cancer 101” briefing on the economic benefits of cancer research.

The briefing was to discuss the impact that biomedical research has on federal, state and local economies. The United States leads the world in investing public and private dollars on medical research. In 2007 alone, for example, the United States spent an estimated 4.5 percent of its total health expenditures on biomedical research. But are we getting our money’s worth? Leading health economists will answer with a resounding “yes”: in fact, considering the extraordinary value of improvements to health and the positive impact on the American economy, many believe we may even be spending too little on medical research.

Speakers for the briefing were:

Dr. Jerome Yates, President of the National Coalition for Cancer Research
Dr. Richard Clinch, Director of Economic Research, University of Baltimore
Dr. Donald Trump, President and Chief Executive Officer, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

NCCR Economics Briefing – Trump PP
NCCR Cancer Enonomics Briefing – Clinch PP
NCCR Cancer Economics Briefing – Yates Opening

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